Nuzhat’s Vendor Story

Nuzhat's Vendor Story

Nuzhat was born with cerebral palsy – a disorder limits one’s speech, mobility, and other basic functions. She also had to combat multiple diseases like stomach tuberculosis and more. Despite these challenges, she completed her 12th but couldn’t complete her graduation.

Her mother then introduced Nuzhat to the colourful world of beads and jewellery. She finally found an outlet to let her creativity shine! She started with making 10 necklace and earring sets, which were an instant hit with her mother’s kitty party friends. Slowly, she started getting custom orders due to mouth-to-mouth publicity.

Today, Nuzhat with the support of her mother, has created a steady stream of customers, thanks to the hard work for the past 18 years. Focussing on quality along with beauty, they are now being invited to corporates and exhibition to sell their products. Choose from Nuzhat’s collection of costume jewellery– from pearls, crystals to gun metal and other bead jewellery.

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