Amul soni’s Vendor Story

Amul sonis Vendor Story

At the first glance, Amul Soni seems like any other happy 38 year old. His day starts like most adults’ waking up, going to work, looking after the house except one factor. A factor Amul mentions is his medicines for hemophilia,a rare genetic bleeding disorder most often passed from mother to son on the X chromosome.  He can bruise easily and bleed internally, either spontaneously or from a minor injury. If not properly managed, those bleeds can put him at serious health risk. This condition has also disrupted most of the joints in his body. The family has become accustomed to making nimble adjustments for his condition. 

Irrespective of this affliction, Amul knows that “every challenge that he faces is the opportunity to become more than he has been before.” Currently, he runs two businesses. One that trades with different kinds of machinery and the second that trades with agarbatti and dhoops. Amul sets an example for all the people and instils that “we can smile while facing a challenge, if we believe in ourselves that we won’t back down.” 

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