About Us

Faiyda evolves from 20-year-old legacy with a simple idea To enable an inclusive world to each person living with disability, with financial independence and dignity.

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A social enterprise has an online marketplace that features handmade creations by various artists with disabilities from across India. Here, discerning customers can find quality products at reasonable prices while supporting these small business owners, giving them financial freedom and wings to grow.

FAIYDA is a unique social enterprise by Voice Vision, an NGO that has served people with disability for the past 20 years through its innovative and out-of-the-box projects in employability, skill enhancements, entrepreneurship, etc. The project is spearheaded by our founder – Sushmeetha Bubna, who has dedicated her life to helping others like her, living with a disability. Click here to read her inspirational story.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a dignified, inclusive world as a marketing catalyst and enable persons with a disability to focus on their talent in manufacturing products. On the other side purchaser gets the best products at reasonable pricing, along with utmost satisfaction for ideal utilization of each rupee spent. from product manufacturer to seller are persons with disability. Walking hand in hand towards attaining dignity and financial independence. Individuals / Corporates/ consumers get the best products with utmost satisfaction for contributing towards someone’s dignity.



Our Products

At FAIYDA, you will find a wide range of hand-made products created by skilled artists and manufacturers with different disabilities from across India. Your purchases will go towards

Our product range includes:

  • Edibles like pickles, chutneys, masalas, flavoured syrups
  • Home décor items like fancy candles, paintings, handicrafts, embroidered tapestries
  • Apparels & home furnishings with personalized Kashmiri embroidery
  • Accessories like handmade jewellery, footwear
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