Tasti’s Vendor Story

Tasti's Vendor Story

Imagine being a healthy seven-year-old, who just wakes up one morning to realise that he’s lost his eyesight! Multiple surgeries and treatments did little to restore his eyesight. A few years later, Tushar Gosar found support from a national organisation working for the upliftment of persons with visual impairment. This gave him the confidence to start something on his own.

With the support of his family, he prepared garlic chutney using a traditional family recipe for the local Navaratri celebration in his building. The chutney was a huge hit! Soon, he started getting orders for his chutneys from neighbours, family and friends. This is how this business of handmade chutneys began.

Over the past 24 years, Tushar has expanded his product line to sell variety of different chutneys and masalas using traditional recipes, prepared with love and care. He coined his brand name “Tasti’s”, to denote the experience of sampling one of his yummy handmade creations.

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